Safe Communication Protect yourself from fraud!

What's this all about?

It has come to our attention that some scammers and imposters have registered skype accounts with similar names to our company. People seeking out our company on skype inadvertantly add these individuals, who in turn scam them out their hard-earned money. We've made this page to help you protect yourself from online fraud. Please treat these instructions as guidelines for safe communication with ANY business online, and not just us. Always be vigilant when communicating online over instant messengers.

While we do use skype for sales and support, it is recommended that you use our contact form at or our support ticket system to contact us. If you absolutely need to speak with us on skype, please contact us with your skype id and we will contact you over skype ourselves.

• We will never ask you to pay us in BTC/Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.
• We are a legitimate business with a real physical office and do not work anonymously.
• We will never ask you to act as a currency exchange for any sort of online currencies (paypal, paxum, webmoney, btc, etc).
• We do not send unsolicited mass-emails. You may receive emails from us if you are already a customer and there is an important update.
• Scammers can spoof the "From" header on an email using tools/websites like
• Emails coming from us will always have previous correspondance copied.
• If you have us on skype already, you can view the number of contacts we have added on our account. Our real skype has in the area of 1000 contacts added. If you are speaking with someone who's profile shows 5 contacts - it's not us.
• You can verify the identity of someone from our company by asking them to read back something you send to us via our contact form.

If you find you have been communicating with an imposter, please change any passwords you may have sent them and let us know their skype id. We report all such cases to skype's abuse team.

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